LAST BRIDE STANDING by Patricia Anne Phillips

August 26, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

What would you do if your wife went missing when her plane crashes somewhere in Africa? Do you sleep with her best friend, you know, the one who have been sleeping with for the past year behind your wife’s back or do you pick up with someone new? Answer all of the above.

Whilst your emotions are moving like a roller coaster, your wife is lost in Africa without her memories who falls in love with a impossible but wonderful man.

When her memories came back after a terrible incident and she is forced to go back home would these two people want to stay married or would they want to move on.

Please, if I was her I was filing for divorce and staying in Africa with my Mandingo, but then again, I was able to evaluate the situation because I was able to read both sides of the story, all the information she had was that she was married to her husband for years and knew this man for some months.  If it was you, who would you choose?