CHASING FIRE by Nora Roberts

August 12, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

In this book it goes into the lives of the Zulie’s A.K.A the Fire Jumpers.  How Mrs. Roberts describes the job of the Fire Jumpers makes me feel like I am really there, feeling the adrenaline from jumping out of a plane (something I would never really do) and feel the heat of the flames.

Rowan Tripp (who reminds me a little of Eve Dallas) is one of the best Fire Jumpers, just like her father nick named “Iron Man”, is a woman who does not mix business with pleasure.  A newbie Zulie comes along with the power to change her mind and make her like it to.

Even her father is getting his romance on and even though the part of the book where he and his lady friend was “getting it on” was extremely disturbing to me, the rest of their romance was sweet and wonderful.

No book comes without conflict and this one comes with a whopper of a conflict.  People are being murdered and setting the bodies on fire, which the Fire Jumpers have to put out, where burns and injuries are received.

Rowan is a suspect because of an altercation she had with the first of the victims and now she has taken it upon herself to clear her name (as she damn well should) with the help of her newbie lover.  They must figure out who is really behind all these murders and fires and to also deal with the disturbing news that the killer might be one of them.

Nora Roberts writes with passion and knowledge of what she wants to portray.  She makes me feel like I am really there, jumping from airplanes and fighting the destructive beauty of fire.  Nora really has a magic way with words.