BROWN GIRL IN THE RING by Nalo Hopkinson

August 12, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

“There is a Brown Girl in the ring” is a popular ring game that is played by the children of my home country and apparently in all the Caribbean Countries.  The book scared the snot out of me, but I still read it all the way to the end because I was oddly intrigued.

Where I come from, from young you know NOT to mess with no obeah, and nothing that Mami says from the book can change my thought about obeah, no matter how much people she helped with her “Spirit Friends”, obeah is not good, not good at all and something that should never ever be dabbled in.

Ti’Jeanne is a strong seer and must call on her friends from the other side to stop a strong and dangerous and evil crime boss, who likes to strip the skin off his victims whilst giving them enough drugs in there system to stay alive throughout the whole process.

Ti-Jeanne must allow the spirits to “ride her” to stop him and save her family and everyone she cares about.  I do not care, I do not care, nobody is catching me in any spirit business.  Obeah is messing with the devil, with blood scarifies and evil spirits, the book was a good read and brought up some past memories of when my mom used to tell me about the spirits to look out for.