August 26, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

The most selfish man I have ever read about resides in this book.  This man fathered two kids and divorced them as well as his wife of fourteen years so that he can act young and play the field.

Then there is a young woman who wants a young man who also wants her but is to stubborn to do something about it.  She does not give up even when his stupid man pride keeps him away from her and of course almost losing her makes him take action, men, if it wasn’t for us women nothing would be done.

Now that her husband have left her and took most of her self-confidence, this now single mother of two must now support her kids without the help from their dead beat dad when an actual man comes into her life and helps make things right; but when the sorry excuse of a man come rolling back into her life, is she having second thoughts.

I liked this book, even though it has the basis of being a man is had its own unique twist to it that I found was enjoyable to read, it only took me a few hours to read just because I couldn’t put the book down.