WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN by Gwynne Forster

July 29, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

There was a mean father who dies and his his will, his three children hired a detective to find it, he found it and they found out that their father is even more cruel than they thought, THE END.

It took me four days to finish this book, it usually takes me a few hours to read a book of this size, but this book was missing some things that could have made it great, such as a good story line, interesting characters and excitement.

This book had a lot of events going on that all sounded insignificant, imagine that someone comes to kill you for some money that you owe them, and this issue gets resolved in the time span of a few hours, boom-bam, done.  Even the sex scene sounding boring and uneventful, I wasted my time reading this book, don't waste yours.    

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