ONE PRAYER AWAY by Kendra Norman-Bellamy

July 13, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Mitchell Andrews made a bad mistake. His failure to cope made it worse. He turned to alcohol, and his angry outbursts drove his wife away--but it drove him to find Christ, sobriety, and newfound hope. 

He attempts to win back the love of his life, but the mistakes of his past threaten to undo his second chance. Will he come undone at his weakest moment, or will God give him the strength to endure?

Simply put, this book is about forgiveness and acceptance. Seven years is a long time, people can either change or get worse in that frame of time.

Virture and Mitchell used to be married, but because of a whole lot of ugly that happened, they split up.  Now seven years later they meet again.  the ugliness of the past reared it's ugly head and had Virture running from Mitchell once again.

Mitchell has changed and wants his wife back, but is the past so painful that it is too hard for Virture to forget and also to forgive him?

Me personally, I would forgive him, but their was no way I was taking him back.  Thanks to some awesome friends who where there to help them on their road to recovery even if one of these friends up and lost their mind that sends someone in the hospital.

This book has a good bit of everything and I would recommend this book to people who have book clubs as their next book to read.


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