MINX by Julia Quinn

July 29, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

An historical romance about an eccentric young lady who did know better but just did not care, my kind of lady.

When her guardian dies, the arrival of the new one has her wanting to know better.  Miss Henrietta Barrett, who rather be called Henry, runs around managing Cornwall Estate all by herself, wearing breaches instead of frocks.

Henry is quite happy with just the way things are and tries to come up with ways to run off the new Lord, but her plans backfires when William Dunford, the new Lord Cornwall was up to the challenge and made Henry feel  like a Henrietta.

Any book where the main character is eccentric is a book for me, this is one of the good books filled with mischief, acceptance, misunderstanding and love. 

Henry had too much freedom growing up but now that she has to conform herself to rules she acts out.

William does not quite what to do with Henry so he naturally assumes that she must be reformed and made into a proper lady.

These two butt heads at every turn and it was so much fun to see these two at each other's throats.


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