July 13, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was  about the bacchanal that happens in the church.  Cheating (Pastor) husbands, past mistresses having a secret child nobody knows about, stalking females and just a plate full of craziness, and most important, praising the Lord.  So a day like any other at Mount Zion Progressive Baptist Church.

On the cover APOOO Bookclub stated that "This book will make you laugh and shout out loud", it didn't for me at the beginning, O.M.G, this book was SLOW.  I had to force myself to read the first twelve chapters THEN the book started to pick up, FINALLY.

Just when you think you have nothing to worry about BAM there comes something to worry about.  It was unexpected and kind of unfair.

Someone who lost their mind once, they found their way back to being sane and  also someone who was crazy found their way to being extremely crazy.

This book did not have as much drama as I would have liked, and it took WAY to long to reach the good parts, but all in all it was satisfactory. 

You can purchase this book at the link below.