LADY JASMINE by Victoria Christopher Murray

July 16, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

It seems that I have been choosing many church theme books from my local Library lately and this is one of the good ones.

Lady Jasmine has become first lady of City of Lights at the expense of her father-in-law being shot into a coma, but she's not complaining.

Now that Jasmine have reached where she wanted to, the members of City of Lights who still hold her in contempt for her many past crimes, would now have to listen and respect her.

Her triumph is short lived however when lo and behold, someone begins to blackmail her into convincing her husband to step down as minister, or else.

Now it is up to Jasmine to find incriminating evidence of all the likely suspects that are out to get her husband to turn the tables by blackmailing her blackmailer, whoever that may be, before her past brings great shame and pain to her future.

I like this book very much, at first I did not like how the author revealed Jasmine's secret so early in the book, but as I read on I saw how it brought more drama to the book all the way to the revealing ending.


You can purchase this book in the link below.