ICE BLUE by Anne Stuart

July 29, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

What are you suppose to do when someone is trying to kill you over your ceramic bowl.  Do you give it over without any complaints or do you hide it and let thousands of people be murdered.

Well Summer Hawthorne chose to hide the urn, not knowing the ramifications of her actions, which has her placed in numerous dangerous situations. Where she is rescued time and time again from an unlikely candidate Takasji O'Brien.

Takasji "Taka" O'Brien was sent on an assignment to retrieve the Hayashi Urn and to get rid of any liability, and that included Summer, but for some reason he finds himself unable to do so.

Now it is up to this unlikely "couple" to keep the urn out of the evil clutches (delusional cult) of those who are set out to "cleanse the world".

This book is not really what I usually read but I ran out of the type of books I read at the Library and I'm glad I picked up this book.  

Ice Blue had loss, betrayal, murder and budding romance.  Miss Stuart repeated some phrases many time throughout the book which gave me a sense of de-ja-vous most of the time, but other than that I truly enjoyed Ice Blue, even the name sounds cool. 


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