July 13, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I heard about this author in a young adult book I was reading and I instantly went out to the library to see if I found any of his books.  This is the only one they have by E . Lynn Harris.

Aldridge "AJ" Jones is a kept man. He has access to the best of everything and does not even have to work a regular job.

It's all thanks to his man, Dray Jones, an NBA all star whose still stuck in the closet. 

The two of them "supposedly" fell in love in college and their relationship is still to this day.  Even when Dray married a woman all because his team mates were asking too much questions.

AJ encouraged Dray to marry, because he wants his man to be happy.  AJ always tells himself that he does not need Dray, he just chooses to be with him out of love.

When a blackmailer threatens to expose their secret, would Dray finally stand up and reveal who he really is?  Or would he end the relationship and leave AJ with a broken heart? Find out in the fun story of Basketball Jones. 

This book was bacchanal of the male variety.  This is one book that seriously is about settling, because that is what A.J did, he settled.  

He talked a lot about, oh how he loves him and how he loves me, if Drey REALLY loved him, he would not make A.J wait in the side lines until he was ready for him, he would have come out for him and profess his undying love.

Everything is always about Drey, Drey, Drey.  This book could have been called the Drey Jones show.  That's why something happened that knocked him down his high horse.

With revenge schemes, blackmail and a lot of heartache, this book was awesomely written.  Even though A.J didn't do what I wanted him to do, the people that did him wrong still got their comeuppance. 


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