The Post Card Killer by James Patterson and Liza Marklund

May 06, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

NYPD Detective Jacob Kanon is a depressed father who is hunting down the murderers of his daughter and her boyfriend. The killers seem to target couples on vacation and his daughter was the first of a chain of victims.

Sleeping with his gun close by, he repeatedly thinks about ending it all, but finding the one's responsible for his daughter's death keeps him from actually pulling the trigger.

The killers want to be recognized for their "hard work", so they send postcards to a reporter in the country that they are visiting as well as a picture of the crime scene, with the bodies posed in certain positions.

Teaming up with the latest reporter to be chosen, Dessie Larsson from Stockholm, Sweden; they must try to stop the killers before they can kill again.

This book proves that love can blossom in the weirdest of situations and that some love is destructive and unhealthy.

James Patterson a choose wisely in teaming up with Miss Lisa Marklund, who helped give the book a sense of Sweden and how the Swedish think and react to certain situations.

The killers are unique and memorable as well as sick in the head.  I had fun reading this book especially coming the to the end.  You would be amaze at how crafty and brilliant these killers are.

The system the created and the secrets, all while having fun along the way.  Yes they were having fun, picking and murdering couples, and that was not the truly disturbing part for me, it was to find out to how they were connected.

This book is not for the faint of heart. The Postcard killers and a thrill seeking ride.


This link leads to a re-print of the book and you can purchase it below.