Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson

May 19, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Alex Cross, one of my favorite hero series that I know, I will always enjoy to read.

In this book, the president, of the United States of America, children have been kidnapped, which is suppose to be impossible, but someone manage to beat the odds and they did it awesomely and right under the secret services's noses.

An act of rebellion has led the children right into the arms of danger and torture and it is now up to Detective Cross to help find these poor children before it's to late.

Already with too much on his plate, the water supply has been tampered with.  It seems like it was an act of terrorism but is it related to the kidnapping?  You have to read to find out!

Even though the book is called "Kill Alex Cross", there seem to be a lack of attempts to actually do so hmmm!

I quickly picked up the book from the self because I thought that someone was actually foolish enough to even try, but even with the lack of killing Alex Cross attempts, the book had me anticipating more.

For a kidnapper to be good enough to be released, with lack of evidence and not cracking under the pressure and to have Alex Cross lose his composure and to do something which is against everything that he stands for,(DEEP BREATH) I must say BRAVO.

James Patterson has written another trilling read that would leave you wanting more.


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