This is not the type of book that I tend to gravitate too.  If this book was not part of the Wicked Horse Series, I would not have even picked it up, but I'm glad I got to experience something new and like it. 

Rand Bishop is an Olympic Champion who had his dreams shattered years ago.  Amazingly, he was able to put the past behind him and move on with his life.  Especially when he landed the sweet job of being a fantasy maker at the Silo.

Catherine, on the other hand, has always been dealt the worst hand in life, and it seemed to have gotten worse.  Her husband died and supposedly left nothing for her.  Now she's living in her car in the parking lot of the Silo, lost as to what to do with herself.

Lucky for Catherine, Rand takes her in and gives her his place to stay for a while until she figures out what to do.  Thus a unique romance was born.

This is my first time reading a book like this and I was pleasantly surprised. Rand and Catherine was a very weird pairing yet it worked.

Rand grew up with loving parents and had an amazing career in the Olympics.  Catherine was born to an uncaring mother, was a stripper then turned into the plaything for her husband.  Now when it's finally time to turn her life around, she's kicked out of her house by her husband's son with barely any money to her name.

The emotional strength that Catherine has is huge. Most people who went through what she had would have cracked under the pressure, but not Catherine.  When Rand came into her life, I liked that she told him the truth about herself and did not try to use him to get what she wants.

The emotions were raw and painful.  And Catherine was so broken, but thankfully not all the way.  Rand stepped in just in time to help her pull it all together.  It helps that the sex was pretty hot too.

My problem with the book was the sex was too repetitive. I understand that this book is labelled an erotic book, but I would have liked the sex to make sense and not repeated over and over.  The sex scenes started to all blend together for me and I ended up skipping most of them.

This is my main flaw of this book and I had a great time reading about Rand and Catherine.  Any questions you may have, please leave them in the comments below and I would be happy to answer them.


This book is filled with sexual acts that will have you blushing and maybe slightly aroused. Please read by yourself in a secret place where no one can see you squirm.  


Wicked Need


This story was cute but not very believable.  In this day and age, who in the world is going to put their phone number in a newspaper to acquire a "fake date".

Ericka was dumped via text by her boyfriend.  Now he's her boss and Ericka wants to go to the office Christmas party with a date to hide that she still has feelings for Greyson, her ex.

Grayson, on the other hand, broke up with Ericka for one of the most ridiculous reasons I have ever heard of.  Right after he did it, however, he realised his mistake and wanted her back.

I mean seriously.  This story was jammed packed with so many cliches and it was obvious which direction the book was going and how it was going to end.

This book brought nothing new to the romance world and the ending was not a satisfactory one.

The pace of all the events in the book was moving so quickly that you can barely enjoy the romance that was blooming between Ericka and Greyson.  It turned from Ericka trying to ignore Greyson at work to them going to the office party in what seemed like a day or two.

I understand that this book is a novella and that it's supposed to be short, but it was too short and too quick for my liking.  The romance just did not do it for me, even with Ericka being the cute and sweet person that she was.

Text Me


Where travel back to Fool's Gold once again, and this is one town I have not gotten enough of. This is an intriguing story about friendship and love. 

Shelly Gilmore chose Aiden Mitchell to be her male friend for three months to get over her fear of men. After living with a father who was abusive towards her mother and herself, and seeing her mother stay and take the abuse has given Shelly a warped idea of what a relationship was supposed to be like.

Aiden has given up women after having an altercation between himself and one of his past hookups.  Aiden was devastated that he could not remember the woman's name.  This had him evaluating how he sees women and to understand exactly when he became the one night hook up guy.

This experiment that Shelly has come up with will help them both explore the opposite sex without the pressure of feelings or sex.  Aiden was quite happy to help Shelly since he would also be helping himself in the long run. 

Shelly was sweet and a genius to have come up with a healthy plan to get over her fear of men.  She wants to fall in love and start a family, but she tends to go for complete jerks. She chose Aiden since he seems to really feel bad after what happened to the out-of-towner. 

I liked that Shelly said that she wanted to try her plan out for three months, it gave them tons of time to know each other before they started wanting to rip each other's clothes off. Because come on, it's a romance story, it was bound to happen.  I just like that it happened later rather than sooner. 

Aiden is suffering from abuse as well, just in a different way.  If you are a fan of the Fools's Gold series, you'll know that Aiden's father is an artistic genius with a God Complex.  Aiden did not show any signs of artistic talent, so he was ignored by his father. That would not have been so bad if their father did not tend to lose his temper most of the time and instead of his mother trying to protect her children from him, she instead tried to always make him happy.  Bad moods and all.

Aiden's parent's relationship is weird and not a healthy one, but it seems to work for them. I blame his parents for his unhealthy view on women, and I am proud of him for wanting to change. 

Aiden and Shelly were good for each other and their "friendship" confused a lot of people. No one wanted to believe that a man a woman can just be friends without dating or at least having sex. The experiences they shared brought them out of their comfort zone which made them realise new things about themselves.

Their feelings felt right and had time to grow in a more natural way, rather than the instant attraction that seems to be really common in most romance books.

This book will have you laughing, especially the parts where Aiden does some very feminine things (I'm still laughing about it).  There are also parts that are relatable to people and would make your heart ache.

When I first started to read +Susan Mallery books, I was not that in love with it.  It was the okay but not something I was anticipating to read, but something changed, either in her writing or in my taste, because now I can't get enough of her stories.

Her books leave you with a warm feeling inside, like when you eat comfort food and warmth spreads all the way throughout your body, her books are like that. I also like the twist in the book where the woman was in the wrong and the guy was right, it was a refreshing change. It has so few books where the woman has it all wrong.

Fans of Susan Mallery and Fool's Gold are going to enjoy this and when you read the book, please leave a comment asking any questions you might have and I would be happy to answer them.



Best of My Love (Fool's Gold Series #20)

I was completely and utterly blown away by this book. But not in a good way. This might be the meanest review I have ever written because I'm going to be brutally honest.

Enticing Emma felt like a book that the author wrote with having no prior knowledge of how to write an erotica book.

The story drops you into a sex scene between Emma and Tucker. It was their third date and Emma finally said yes to sex.  After the deed was done, Emma coldly told Tucker to leave and he did.

That's what had me confuse. I felt as if I was dropped in the middle of the book and had to run to keep what with a story where the main parts of the story were already told and I missed it.  

She likes Tucker even though she has something against handsome men, Emma showed no remorse or hesitation in kicking Tucker out.

The story continues and I was left confused on how they met, and what about Emma that had Tucker already thinking about buying a house with her and marrying her.

They have sex again, and then Emma once again, coldly reject Tucker. I cannot wrap my head around this story.  There was no emotion and the book claims that the series of events happened over a period of months, but it felt like it happened in three days.

The emotions in the book fell flat.  I did not feel the pain, anger or love that the books mentions.  To be honest, I read this book with a confused look on my face the entire time. The reason why Emma did not want to date Tucker seemed silly and not painful enough for it to have such a drastic effect on her.

To wrap it all up, I did not enjoy this book at all.  Everything seems to be wrong about it, from the forced romance to the sex scenes that seem mediocre at best. 

If you read this book, please tell me what you think of it in the comments below.

This was one of the sweetest romance stories I've read in a while, it was beautiful.

We've finally arrived at the last book of the Destiny series and the leading man is none other than Levi King.  The baby of the King brothers.

At least that's what his brothers think of him.  Levi is no longer a baby, but his brother can't help but treat him like he is since they protected Levi from most of their father's rage and neglect. 

Now that the King brothers are back in town, Levi is thrilled to see his best friend Shelly again, only Shelly does not look the way that he remembered.

Levi was not a Bad Boy in the traditional sense of the world, he was more of a playboy. After he gave up racing, he became the face of King's Customs and the women loved him for it.

Out of the three books, this book felt the most complete, when it comes to the romance between Levi and Shelly, but not the series, in general, the series was poorly wrapped up.

After the struggles that the King brothers went through, how the book ended was too much sugar, spice and everything nice.  I was truly disappointed with the ending of the series, but the love story, I approve.

Shelly is a people pleaser.  She wants to please her father so much that she suppresses what she wants to do for herself and goes along with whatever her father wants her to do. Shelly wants to be free and experience new things, but that little voice in her head always stops her.

Her life took an 180 turn when her father goes out of town and Levi comes back.  Now Shelly is doing what she always wanted to do with Levi giving her the push she needs.  And the best part is, it has a deadline and then Levi can go back to his life, and she can settle down and start a family.  Just as her father wants her to do.

Shelly was not so hard to figure out  Her entire life she has surpassed what she really felt in order to please her father.  So her character was totally believable and likeable.  When you deny yourself for so many years, it will be almost impossible to realise what you actually want.  And Shelly wanted Levi, she just did not realise it yet.

It was fun to read about Levi and how he realised that he's always been in love with his best friend. He also had to have a good talk about his brothers about protecting him all the time, which he did.  Now you have to read and see if his brothers would actually listen to him. 

Something I wanted to say since my first review, I absolutely despise the covers of these books.  If I did not like Sugar Jamison I was not coming anywhere near these covers for the lack of thought that went into these covers.  I can't wait to see the reprint of these books.

With that said.

Heart of a Bad Boy


This book started off on a confusing note.  The Clayborne brothers were all talking about a man who ripped off their Mama Rose and Travis nominated himself to track down the thief and get back what was lost.

So since going on +Goodreads and realising that this was the second book of the series I finally knew the reason why I was clueless of all the names in the beginning and the history behind them. I'm accustomed to books giving a brief history of events in past books and that is why I was stumped at the beginning of this book.

After getting out from the confusion st the beginning of the story, which I recommend that you read the first book in the series, For The Roses, to understand what's going on, the book picked up for me and stayed up until the end that is.

In order to go after the criminal, Travis agreed to help Mama Rose out by escorting a Lady to her intended. It was an easy enough task until he met the lady who he was to escort. Let's just say that they did not immediately like each other.

Emily Finnegan has made a logical decision in choosing a husband after the disaster of her last betrothal.  Now she's taking charge of her own destiny and nothing is going to interfere with her life anymore.  That was the plan before she started falling in love with her escort. 

Emily has just a big personality and she tries to hide it since her personality is not considered "proper".  But it's really hard not to be yourself and the funny thing was, the more she was herself, the more Travis liked her.

The downside of Emily's actions made Travis get shot and also made his criminal slip through his fingers.  You just have to read the book to get the entire story, I guarantee it will have you laughing.

My problem with the book, besides being totally confused at the beginning, was how Travis and Emily got together.  It started off so good and then it ended so anti-climatic and I was disappointed by the ending.  The middle part of the book was filled with so much fun goodness I can forgive the confusing beginning and lacking end.

One Pink Rose (Clayborne Series #2)
We're back again with the Kind brothers, Duke edition. Duke is the oldest of the Duke brothers, with a criminal record that he earned unfairly. 

Duke King has put away for ten years for protecting the girl he loves from herself.  When he got out of prison, with the help of his brothers, Duke was able to start King's Customs.  A multimillion dollar custom car empire.

The last thing Duke wanted to do was go back to Destiny. The place where all the trouble in his life started.  But when his aunt calls and tells him that she's in the hospital, Duke packs up his brothers and hits the road to Destiny.

What he did not expect to see was Grace Truman, the very woman that caused him to go to jail for ten years to be back in Destiny as well.  What he was totally blown over by was the boy she had that looked like a mini him.

The book is fun packed with drama and you have got to read the second instalment of Sugar Jamison's Destiny Series, Betting the Bad Bay.

I cannot begin to imagine the betrayal and hurt that Duke must have felt to know that he had a son and the mother did not even try to tell him about him.  It must have been heartbreaking especially since what they have in the past was strong and not to mention that he went to jail over her.

I understand that Grace was an immature young lady and did a stupid thing that put the love of her life behind bars, but somehow I could not get over that in the book and I disliked her. She was portrayed as a strong individual that stood up to her father about her son, but just because of what she did to Duke I just did not warm up to her. 

That was something that I did not like about this book was that Grace was not that redeemable in my eyes.  She caused the incident, and now all these years later when Duke comes back to Destiny she wants to act the injured party?  I mean really Grace, really.

Now she wants Duke to live with her and their son to see if he would be a great father to Ryder (their son).  Everyone that knows Duke knows that he would be a great father since he raised his brothers when their drunk of a father did not care too.

Okay, all the Grace bashing aside, this series was written in a unique way that I'm still on the fence about if I like it or not.  All three books are written alongside each other, so events that happened in the first book came back; only in the main characters point of view.

So scenes we've already read in The Bad Boy CEO are also going to be seen in this book only in Duke's or Grace's point of view. I love the innovative of the idea and I would like to see other authors try this approach just for me to get a better feel of this way of writing a series.

Fans of Sugar Jamison is going to have an interesting ride when reading this book.

Betting the Bad Boy: The Bad Boys of Destiny