I was so happy to go back to Covent Garden Cubs Series to read about Brook and his lady love, which awesomely, is a Second Chance Love Novel. YEAH!

Sir Brook Derring is England's best investigator.  Everyone seeks him out to solve their problems.  Brook is proud of his job and enjoys doing it too.  But when the Duke of Lennox asks Brook to find his daughter, Lady Lillian-Anne, Brook was shocked by the drive he feels to finish this job.

It was a shock since one, he despises the Dike of Lennox and two, his daughter was the woman who rejected his offer of marriage in the harshest of ways.  Now Brook wants nothing more than to find Lady Lillian-Anne, return her to her father and wash his hands of the family once and for all.

Lady Lillian-Anne Lennox has lived the life of the privileged. She never wanted for anything plus she is extremely beautiful, which made her very sought after on the marriage mart.

But years of playing the same games with the same people have become tedious for Lillian. And that coupled with her recent loss has given Lillian a new perspective on life.  But a little too late, since she already lost Brook and in a pretty harsh manner as well.

Now because of a kidnapper, her father, and the King, Lillian finds herself back in Brook's life under the most extreme manner. Lillian wants to make things right between Brook and herself, but he stuck in his thinking that she has not changed from the spoiled girl she once was.

Would Brook ever change his opinion of Lillian?  Would Lillian be able to convince Brook that she's changed?  Who is this mysterious kidnapper and what do they want with Lillian? Find the answer to all your questions in the next installment of the Covent Garden Cubs Series, I Kissed a Rogue.

This was an awesome idea for a book that had me entertained, even with all the anomalies contained within. 

Brook wants nothing to do with the spoiled Lillian who broke his heart years ago in the most brutal way. But her father forced his hand and he finds himself married to Lillian against his will.  Now he must figure out who wants to kidnap Lillian as soon as possible so that they can have the marriage annulled.

Lillian has changed for the better, but no one is willing to believe this.  Especially her husband who Lillian has a strong attraction too.  Because her life went downhill fast after her mother died, Lillian knows how it feels to be unwanted.

So even though she wants her marriage to work, her husband is not willing to forget the past in order for them to have a future.

Brook and Lillian was an interesting couple.  They both liked each other, yet Brook keep the past between them to keep Lillian at a distance.  What I did not like about this book, is that one minute they would be getting along great and then boom, Brook would get angry again about the past and then they would be at odds again.

I know that a bad past is what usually keeps the main characters apart, yet somehow +Shana Galen  wrote those parts so abrupt, it felt as if she just randomly brought the past up between Brook and Lillian when it was most convienat for her story.  It was not added in a smooth way that brought a natural flow to the story.

This is my only problem with the story, everything else was perfect, especially the ending since it proved that I was correct about who was behind the kidnapping.  It was so obvious to me early on in the story.

I recommend this book for all the fans of second chance romance and drama. When you read this book, leave a comment telling me how much you've enjoyed the book, or not.

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I Kissed a Rogue

My American Duchess was so raw to read.  There were barely any sugar coatings and it got right down to the meat of the story.  I love this about Eloisa James, she gives you the barely talked about version of romance.

The Duke of Trent wants to marry a respectable English woman that will live up to his standards of how a Duchess is supposed to act.

He meets the perfect candidate for a wife at a party he very much did not want to attend.  She was a vision of beauty, standing my herself on the balcony.  

He had the most interesting conversation he ever had with a woman and he knew then that he would have her, even if she had the misfortune of being an American.

But faith seems to have forsaken him since the lady is already betrothed to none other than his twin brother. 

Merry Pelford has already broken two engagements and it would be scandalous for her to break the third one. She chose her fiance for he seemed like a lovable man who would respect her.  But as time pass, she realises more and more that she does not want to marry her fiance, but his brother instead.

But Merry promised herself that she would not break another engagement and Merry is determined to make it all the way to the alter this time. Would these two love birds find a way to be together? Or would they go through with their original plans?  Find out in the stand alone novel, My American Dutchess.

I enjoyed myself when reading this book at the beginning, but the solution to their problem was handled a little too easy and rushed for some reason. 

The book was going at a good pace, we all understood the roles that everyone was suppose to be playing and then BAM, the story has a ginormous twist and chaos ensured.  Merry is a smart and delightful girl who has a problem of choosing fiance's a little too quickly before she got to know them a little better.

I believe that was how she got herself engaged the third time.  Her aunt was pressuring her into getting married to stop all the gossip about her breaking two engagements.  With that pressure constantly on her, she hastily accepted the marriage proposal even though she was having second thoughts about it. 

Trent, on the other hand, is living in a bucket of guilt for being born first. A fact his brother never lets him forget.  Trent has an unhealthy idea about love, which was perfectly explained in the book and made me feel sorry for him.

This book was well written except for certain parts that seem as if +Eloisa James changed her mind about Trent's brother.  He went through such a drastic change in a very short about of time and did something that was completely out of character.  That was the only part of the book I was not satisfied with. Other than that, I had a blast reading the book, especially the part about the tumble down the stairs.  That's a little teaser for you guys, lol.


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My American Duchess


This story was barely believable but enjoyable to read.  I was confused most of the time but I also laughed a lot.  So by that estimate, the book was good to read.

Ashton Blakely has got to be the most honest man in fiction history.  His approach to marriage was expressed down to the bottom line. The bottom line being, buying a wife.

His aunt took it upon herself to choose a suitable bride for Ashton, but Ashton was not having it.  If he had to take a wife, he was taking her on his terms and his terms only.

He even made a list for his aunt to follow in selecting the appropriate girls for him to choose from. Not only that, he also drew up a contract for his wife to sign, stating that after she conceived, she was to live in London and he would stay at his hunting lodge.

Well, that was the plan until he met Caroline Hawkins.

Caroline Hawkins wants the best for her sister, especially since her family is about to be bankrupt in the near future.  So when she got word of a Duke and his search for a bride, Caroline thought she found the perfect solution to their de-lima. Her sister would marry the Duke and all would be well, at least for her sister.

Things don't go as plan when she finds herself married to the Duke insteas.  How this happen, especially since Caroline was deadly against herself getting married? You have to read it to believe it.

I had so much ideas of how this book would go as I read it and how it would end and it failed my expectations.  I don't know what went wrong. Caroline was so likeable in the beginning and I thought the book would have been about Ashton slowly and unwillingly falling in love with Caroline while courting her sister.  That idea was squashed pretty quickly. 

I gave up trying to guess how to book would go and just read it, only to be confused by the book.  The characters seem to change their expectations and temperament throughout the book.  Caroline seemed like such a nice woman, but she can turn into a shrewd at a drop of a hat. 

The book claimed that "she has devoted her life to defending women from the indignities visited upon them by their husbands", yet only a slight mention of this was mentioned in the book.  And she seemed to contradict herself in the book.  Caroline is against women getting married and becoming their husbands "possessions" yet she wants to force her sister into a marriage with a man she has never met before, who comes with a good title.

I could go on for days with the issues I found in the book, but the one that I had the most issues with was the separation during her pregnancy.  Caroline and Ashton are really messed up people and they found each other and learned to be messed up together.  

The weirdest thing is, I was having fun reading the book until I arrived at the disappointing ending.  Seriously, the author stretched the book out a little too much.


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To Catch a Lady: A Hunt Club Novel

This book is all about taking that leap of faith.

Gabby Winters and Ethan Hunter met under the most unusual condition.  Just moments after they first saw each other, Gabby was attacked by what seems like zillions of yellowjackets and fell into a stream.  Ethan saves her and then they start dating.

Weird, but that's what happened, more or less.  Okay, the real story is that Ethan's grandmother, the woman who raised him and the only family he has is dying. She wants Ethan to be settled before she goes, and Ethan translates that as him starting his business up and dating Gabby.

It pleased his grandmother to no end seeing Ethan in a relationship with Gabby.  But what she does not know was that Ethan asked Gabby to "pretend" to be his girlfriend until his grandmother passes on. 

This book had me in a good mood.  Ethan was a fun person and had me smiling throughout the book.  He made everything into a joke but knew when to be serious when the time calls for it.

Gabby was in flight mode for most of the time in the book.  Coming from parents who have their own idea of what success is as well as running from an abusive boyfriend, Gabby had a lot on her mind.  So when she saw Ethan, who she found to be extremely good looking, Gabby wanted to be far away from him since she wants to be away from men for a while.

After saving her life and checking up on her, when Ethan asked her for the favour of being his pretend girlfriend to make his sweet grandmother happy, how could she refuse?  It helped that she found out things about herself she never thought were there and found a few new friends along the way.

Readers will be captivated by this story and would want to read it from beginning to end. When I started to read it, I could not put it down.  +Rachel Lacey will have you encased in the spell that is Haven and will have you begging for much more.

Please leave any questions you may have in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them.

Run to You
I really enjoyed myself when reading this book.  The love between Billie and George was quite entertaining to read.  Especially when one's mother got involved.

Billie Bridgerton is not your average lady.  She's proud, courageous and prefers the company of the outdoors rather than sitting inside with the other women, as a proper young lady should.

Even with her unusual shenanigans, Billie is a well loved by everyone in the village. Especially by the family of the neighbouring estate, the Rokesby's, who welcomes Billie as one of their own children.

Children who come in the form of three men, two of which Billie used to run wild and free with as a child. The third one, however, cannot stand Billie and her lack of feminine charms.

George Rokesby cannot stand Billie Bridgerton.  He was always baffled by the fact that her parents allowed her to run wild all her life while never learning the proper way a lady was supposed to act.

George is convinced that Billie needs to get married and let her husband take her firm in hand.  His two brothers were always considered as candidates but never himself.  George has always had the image of a respectable woman becoming his wife and not the daring woman who seem to challenge him on everything he says.

Faith had a way of changing plans and in the most unusual of ways.  In this case, faith involved a tree, roof and a cat in the start of Billie's and George's romance.  Find out how the hate relationship turned into a love one in the first instalment of the Rokesbys Series, Because of Miss Bridgerton.

I had a blast reading this book.  I love how Billie always gave George hell, and yet he seemed to always come back for more.  George was the first born in the family.  He never had time to have fun like the rest of his siblings, he was always expected in lessons after lessons and to accompany his father in his business affairs.

George realised that fun was never in the cards for him and tried his best to be the perfect Earl, but he could not help but be a little jealous of his siblings for having the freedom that he was denied.

I did not instantly like Billie at first.  She seemed to place all the blame of her predicaments on something other than her.  I was quite vexed with her at the beginning, but as the book progressed, I liked her more and more.

George, on the other hand, I instantly liked.  He instantly tried to fix situations that need fixing, which is how he ended up on a roof. (You have to read the book to find out what happened).  The love story between Billie and George was beautiful and extremely nail-biting since they fell in love with each other, but did not realise it, making them both uncomfortable around each other.

Fans of Julia Quinn will more than appreciate her sense of humour and passion in this book.  This book had me up late at night with not a wink of sleep all because I just needed to know what happens at eh end of the book.  When I finally arrived at the end of the book, however, I was sad that the book had to end. The story of my life when I find a good book.


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Because of Miss Bridgerton


This book had so much heartache, so much pain, so much injustice......I LOVED IT!  OMG, even with some weak parts this book had the right amount of everything plus more.

Lady Evangeline Stuart fell in love with a man who was right for her in every way. They had plans to elope together, but someone had other plans.  Kidnapped in the dead of night and forced to move away from her homeland, Lady Evangeline never lost hope of her love coming to save her.

Lord Hardly Fullerton was foolish enough to believe that a lady would want to settle for a second son such as himself. Hardly vowed never to be fooled by another woman again. Now the very woman who left him is back in his life and dares to tell that he was the one in the wrong.

What is really going on? Who is telling the truth? Find out in the 5th instalment of the Disgrace Lords Series, A Taste of Seduction.

This story was truly heartbreaking, especially in the ending. I'm still in disbelief about the what happened and why? Make sure to have a box of tissues near as you read this book.

The mysterious woman who is out to have her revenge (a generation late) on the scholars has had her hand mixed up once again in their lives.  Now the hunt has made a desperate turn since all but two of the scholars are married and need to catch their villain before someone they love gets seriously hurt.

The focus of the book as you can guess is focused on the history between the young lovers of Lord Hardly Fullerton and Lady Evangeline Stuart.  Their tragic past together is a key to figuring out who their mystery villainess was.

The only problem is, Hardly is determined to be as far away as he can be from Lady Evangeline.  Looking at her reminds him of how she was to be his wife and that her son could have been their son.  If only she had loved him instead of wanting a title.

Evangeline wants to help the scholars catch their villainess, because even with Hardly's rejection of her, Evangeline knows that the villainess might come after her and her son for what she once used to mean to Hardly.  Her deceased husband's journals might help to identify their villainess.

This book answered most of the questions we had from the earlier books in the series while making a bunch of new one's surface. This book was fast paced and very hard to believe at times.  It more felt as if +Bronwen Evans was telling us how the heroes felt rather than showing us.

An example of this was when Hardly and Evangeline were arguing about who betrayed whom and the only thing, to tell the truth, was a letter that Evangeline supposedly sent him.  Evangeline asked to see said letter and Hardly said sure.  I understand that this letter was mainly mentioned as an excuse for Evangeline to actually be in Hardly's house, but it was not really a believable reason.

If I was angry at someone and they sent me a note, that note would have been ripped and, burned or fed to the dogs if I choose to read it.  For all of Hardly being furious at Evangeline after all these years, you would think that the letter would cease to exist.  Not in this scenario. 

So having Hardly mention, time and time and time again that he despises Evangeline and wants nothing to do with her, yet he still has the letter that ended it all.  Is it not really believable once you think about it now does it?  Also the emotions in the book was not expressed as well as I would have hoped, especially since this is the second to last book in the series, yet even with all these cons I still enjoyed the book.

I'm so glad that they are closing in on the villainess and that this nightmare can finally be over.  But there is a huge plot twist in this book.  One that would have you itching to know what's going to happen next.


A Taste of Seduction: A Disgraced Lords Novel


It was so good to go back to The Little beach Street Bakery and meet the gang once again.  Even with the bad times that overcame them, it was still fun to go back.

Polly Waterford could not be happier. She lives in the small town of Mount Polbearne that she loves.  She runs a bakery where she is practically in charge of everything. And best of all, she lives with her boyfriend Huckle, who she is absolutely and totally in love with.  Live could not be better.

Yet a strong wind blow across the small town of Mount Polbearne, bringing trouble in its wake. Selina is a grieving widow, who can't seem to get over her husband's death.  Trying a new approach of getting better, Selina moves into the town her husband was born, raised and tragically died in.

Polly is embarrassed by something she has done to Selina in the past, but Selina does not know that Polly did her wrong and the two women become friends. 

Tragic things have happened to Polly which resulted in her losing control of her bakery, having to give her Puffin back to the bird sanctuary, and worst of all, it made her loose Huckle.  Feeling lost, confused and defeated, can Polly overcome this new obstacle in her life? Would she crumble under all the pressure?  Find out in the second installment of the Little Beach Street Bakery Series, Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery. 

I was pleased to be back in Mount Polbearne with Polly and her crazy island of family. Polly is finally in a place where she is happy and content, but of course it does not last for long.Her problems started with a death and ended with a ring.  

In this story, Polly was kind of unfair with Huckle, but then the tables turned and it was Huckle who was unfair to Polly, which was nice, it created a balance between the two of them.

This book will make you laugh, it would make you cry, but all around you will have a good time.  When you read the book, please leave a comment on how much you've enjoyed the book (or not).


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Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery: A Novel