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It's always fun when friends turn into lovers, but what happens when honorary family members fall in love? 

This is the year for Emma Rush.  She's tired of being safe and wants to shake up her routine by trying new and daring things.  She started her experience off by taking part an obstacle course and even though she did not win, she still had a blast doing it.

Now Emma wants something more, something that she has been reading about for years in books. Emma wants to have a fiery passion love affair with a guy.  And not just any guys, she wants a bad boy, she wants Ryan Blake.

Ryan Blake understands lost.  He lost his mother, brother and best friend in only a couple of years and losing Emma would be too much to handle.

Ryan sees the way she looks at him, and he's determined not to go there with Emma, especially since she deserves a guy who is not a screw-up like him.  Plus, there's also the promise Ryan made to Emma's brother about not touching his sister.

His plan of not getting involved with Emma is in major jeopardy since he can't seem to get her out his mind ever since he came back to town.  The little girl who he considered a sister for many years has now turned into this sexy bombshell whose every gesture turned him on.

Can he keep his promise to his friend and not touch his sister?  Or would he give in to the passion that threatens to consume them both? 

Of course, we all know that they give into the passion in the end, but it's always fun to read how they give in and it was super fun to see Ryan struggle until he got blue balls.  Emma is adorable and has experienced so much loss at such a tender age. I love the two of them together and I saw the spark between these two in the first book, Run to You.

This book was subtle and sweet, and not the explosion of content that I thought it would be.  I was expecting more drama and chemistry between Ryan and Emma.  What I mean is, it felt like their passion was more explained than felt in this book. 

This is rare for me since I rarely like books that explain passion, but this book was not one of them.  Emma and Ryan went through so many stages of their lives together, it was believable relationship from beginning to end. 

I look forward to the next book in the series and I know you guys would go out and read the first book and this one since I promise that you won't regret it.

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