RECIPE FOR KISSES by Michelle Major

September 29, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was very sweet and emotional story about two lost souls, no wait.....make that four lost souls who came together and found happiness.

Chole is afraid of big men with strong personalities, Ben is a big man with a huge personality. Then how did Chole fall in love with Ben? Especially with a nickname like "The Beast".

This question would be answered as you read the book and I adore that the love story progressed at a steady pace. This gave room for playful banter, heartache and wonderful discoveries.

Chole was dealt a bad hand at life, and it's very admirable of her to pick not only herself up, but also women who have suffered like her, and found a way for them to find  a new place in the world themselves again.

Too bad in doing this, Chole was going bankrupt with her business and would have to shut down her business.  The last thing she needs is the sexy new owner of her building butting into her life.

Ben is not without his own demons.  Branded as a troublemaker from a young age because of his father, Ben had to grow up at a really young age.

He lost a piece of himself as he blames himself for the wrong hand life has given his brother. It was because of drive to0 prove himself that Ben got the name "The Beast" in his line of work.  Many people love to hate him and he was at the height of his career until Ben had had enough.

He was thinking of walking away from it all when life made the decision for him.  Now Ben is in charge of two wards who seem to make it their lives goal to make his life difficult. Now on top of the pressure of work, being a new "father" to two kids and keeping a promise to his brother, Ben seems to have his hands full.

But when Ben met Chole, he found a spare hand and maybe his heart for her.  Find out about the epic love story of this unlikely couple in +Michelle Major's novel, Recipe for Kisses.


Recipe for Kisses