A WINTER WEDDING by Brenda Novak

March 01, 2016 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was so sweet.  You can't choose who you love, nor can you choose how fast you fall in love with them.  This is what happened in this book and it was so beautiful.

Kyle Houseman, man, does he have it rough.  The love of his life is married to his step-brother and worst of all, he has the ex-wife from hell.

I could not believe the nerve of this woman.  The way she twisted everything was alarming to read.  She always made Kyle out to be the bad guy and he never really did anything to set people straight. So guess what, she gets away with all her trouble making and bad mouthing.

I think he lets her get away with all her craziness because he's punishing himself for sleeping with his, how do I say this...girlfriend's (who put their relationship on hold and ran away to some far away college) sister.

Because of one mistake, he has to suffer for the rest of his life.  Now there is a new woman in town that makes him forget about his ex-wife and his old love, but he does not want to take a chance in love again.

Lourdes Bennett is a country music artist who needs a big come back and fast. She only planned to stay in Whiskey Creek to relax and concentrate on her music for a short period of time, but it's hard to concentrate when your boyfriend seems to give all his attention to the new talent in the business, and his attention doesn't seem to be only professional.

Now alone at Whiskey Creek, Lourdes is too depressed by her relationship problems to concentrate on her music. This is why she finds herself moping around the house more than writing music.  Things change when the heater in the cottage she's renting does not work and she chooses to live with her landlord until it can be fixed. Her landlord being non-other than Kyle himself.

Soon a friendship emerges and Lourdes becomes conflicted with her emotions.  She feels so at ease with Kyle but how can she develop romantic feelings for him, when her relationship with her boyfriend is falling apart?

These two were apparently made for each other, especially with the crazy exes they have.  Kyle's was the worst of them all, but Lourdes was bad as well in a different way.

I quite enjoyed myself when I was reading this book. It had so much drama I was entertained for hours with it.  Kyle's ex-wife alone could have carried this book all the way to the end, but something was done to her that put her out of the picture.

Kyle was a nice man who got the wrong end of the stick from two women.  One threw him away and the other used him, I was surprised that he put himself out there again.   Lourdes on the other hand, it took me a while to warm up to her.  She seemed to be a little childish, especially after she made Kyle call her ex for her.  Lourdes is a nice person, but the book has ended, and I'm still undecided if I like her.

This book was fun and amazing and entertaining and awesome. My only criticism  of the book is at some parts it was slow and I had to keep repeating to myself that it will get better at the end.  I was glad that it did.  I love +Brenda Novak's Whiskey Creek Series and I can't wait to more of it.


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