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Picnics in Hyde park was different.  I'm still undecided if it was a good different or a bad different.

Zoe Harper returns to the UK after five longs years when she found her fiance in bed with another woman.  Outraged, Zoe packs all her stuff and was on the next flight home only to find out that her sister, was thrown out of her job and her boyfriend is not returning any of her calls.

Mad as hell from her deception, Zoe's anger takes an all time high making her take action as soon as her plane landed. Instead of going home and consoling her sister, she marched straight over to her sister's former employer to give him a piece of her mind.

Instead, what she finds is an over-stressed father, Matt Reilly, in need of a new nanny for his children. Jet lag and anger do not mix and Zoe finds herself being interviewed for a job as the new nanny instead.

Matt Reilly has a lot going on.  He's a famous music producer who lets his children be raised by the nanny with barely any input from him.

Filled with guilt over his wife's death, Matt is emotionally distant to everyone around him and he seems not to have a problem with it.  So when his new outspoken nanny starts challenging him to actually spend time with his kids, he does not know how to handle it.

The sparks that seem to fly between them does not help matters.  Will he ever get back his life the way it was before?

This is a book about misplaced revenge and a really messed up situation.  When you hear the reasoning behind why Zoe's sister was fired, you will wonder the heck was wrong with that man's head.  You'll know what I mean when you read the book.

Something that I disliked about this book was that the children, who are important aspects of the story, were introduced into the story in such a way they sounded like and after thought.

Also, I do not buy the romance in the book.  It has nothing in the book that leads to the first kiss between Zoe and Matt.  One minute they were arguing, and the next they were making out at the side of the house like a couple of teenagers.  That kiss came out of nowhere for me.

The book was nice, but it did not meet my expectations for a Nikki Moore romance.  I love the way she writes, but this book was not up to par with the other books I've read of hers.  My biggest disappointment is how easy Matt and Zoe got back together.  He called for her and she came running.   That's not all to the story, but that's how it felt to me.


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