December 23, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

An author and an artist came together through fate or just plain stubbornness.  Two lost troubled souls in need in need of being found, now the question is, do they want to be found?

Being more grumpy than Oscar the grouch has it perks.  You can throw all the temper tantrums that you want and people would just leave you alone.  This seem to be the case for Radcliffe Mcqueen who refuses to pretend social niceties. It sounds awesome that he is just being himself but the truth is that he built a wall around himself with his harsh honesty and the negligence of his appearance.

 You'll think that he'll be the author of horrors with the way he acts, but you would be wrong.  He writes beautiful romance novels that speaks to the helpless romantic he imprison inside himself.  Would the self righteous, I'm going to save the world, one person at a time, Miss Sheri Riddle be able to help.

Sheri Riddle has made it her mission in life to help trouble souls find the light, and no, she did not become a pastor.  Sheri decided that with each city she visited, any person who had seem to lost their way, she somehow finds a way to live with them and try to fix them.  It's crazy, I know but so far it has worked until she met Radcliffe.

Radcliffe brought out emotions and memories that Sheri thought were long forgotten.  His eyes searched into her soul and made her feel naked and vulnerable. But would Radcliffe's bad attitude turn forced polite attitude drive Sheri away with it's falseness and lies or would Radcliffe help Sheri instead of the other way around. So the question is, who is helping whom. 

+Virginia Nelson wrote a book was difficult to read.  I have never taken so long to read a book in my life.   The characters were just that, characters.  I felt nothing for them, they were just facts on a page.  The circumstances that brought them together were unrealistic and made no sense. 

When they were falling in love, I did not feel it.  This book to me was very on the surface.  the event that made Radcliffe the way he was does not seem big enough to merit that big of a response and Sheri just had to get over herself, seriously.  The only thing I enjoyed about this book is that Radcliffe is an author and Sheri is an artist, my two favorite things in the world, but it did not do it for me in this book.