THE BEST MAN by Kristan Higgins

December 20, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I had this book in my library of my Kindle app for the longest while and I never read it.  I was browsing through my library when I saw it and I opened it up and was immediately hooked.

Faith Holland does not have much luck in the love department.  After being left at the alter, Faith leaves behind her family and friends in Blue Heron, just to get away from the soul-sucking pain that seemed to have consumed her.  She just needed a break from everything, but ended up staying away for many years.

Now a family emergency has her returning to her home of Blue Heron Winery, which is her family vineyard where everyone but herself has a place in.

Being back would give her the time to confront the ghost in her past as well as get on good terms with her family.  Things don't go according to plan when she keeps running into the best man at the almost wedding, the same man who ruined her wedding.

Levi Cooper did not have the best starting out in life, but he made the best of things. He turned himself from Trailer park and made himself a war veteran and then he went on to become the Blue Heron's local police chief.  Life can get a little mundane around town, even with some of the crazy reasons he gets calls for.  All that changed when Faith Holland moved back to town.

He knows he was the reason that her wedding was ruined, but he does not regret what he did.  His best friend was about to make the biggest mistake of his life and Levi could not stand there and let him do it.  The only thing he regrets is not doing something about it before it got too out of hand, seeing the pain in Faith's eyes almost undid him, but it had to be done.

Maybe her being back in town is a sign that they can air out their dirty laundry and make peace.  That's easier said than done since Faith does nothing but try to avoid him.  Would Levi be able to make peace with Faith?  Would Faith ever let go of the pain and suffering from the past?  Would Faith and Levi be able to stay away from each other after they re-discover the heat between them?

Find out in the fun-filled, emotional roller-coaster of a ride first book in the Blue Heron Series, The Best Man.

This is my first book by +Kristan Higgins and I cannot believe how awesome is.  I was really feeling Faith's pain and Levi was such a sweetheart.  At the beginning of the book, I was a little bored.  It gave a little intro to Faith's relationship and how sweet and beautiful it was and I started to yawn, but the last sentence of the book perked my interest right up.

Faith has a terrible secret from her past that makes her feel like she has to do something, anything really, in order to pay for her sin.  Throughout her childhood, Faith tried and tried and tried and thought that the skies had opened up and that she was finally forgiven when she got a gift in shape of a man, but when it all turned out to be a lie, her only way of coping was by running away.

Levi liked Faith when they were kids but all of a sudden, the spunky little girl that he remembered turned into a goodie two shoes and he could not stand her. Making things worse, she was his best friend's girlfriend so he had no way of avoiding her.

Don't want to give out any more of the story, believe me, I gave you plenty of clues of what to expect in this book  The description I got on +Goodreads was vague compared to the book.  I got a lot of happy surprises and I know you would too.

I have to read another book by Kristan Huggins to add her to my favorite author pile, but I'm sure she won't disappoint me. Please recommend books by Kristan Huggins that you enjoy, I would love to add them to me To-Read-Pile.


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