NOT SO NEW IN TOWN by Michele Summers

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I've read a book my +Michele Summers already.  In fact, the first book I've read of hers is the first book in this series and I was quite entertained.  This book was no different.

Being dumped and fired have to be the worst thing that can happen to an independent woman such as Lucy Doolan. To further exaggerate the situation, Lucy must now go her hometown of Harmony in disgrace after she vowed to never go back and take care of her sister Julia.

The same sister who terrorized her for years is now bedridden for the rest of her pregnancy.  Now it's Lucy's job to take care of her sister and her son who her sister refuses to say who the father is.

There is a rumor around town that Lucy's nephew's father is Julia's high school boyfriend, Brogan Reese. The same Brogan Reese who stole Lucy's heart without even knowing about it.  Now he's back in town as well, looking even better than now than when they were kids.

Brogan is not happy to be back in his hometown of Harmony.  And by the looks of it, the town's people aren't too happy to have him back either.  They are disappointed that he ran off from his responsibility of his pregnant girlfriend.

One day when he was driving his car into town, he saw someone pulled over on the side of the road and decided to stop and help.  What he was not expecting was to see the sister of the woman he once dated in high school.  He does not remember Lucy all that well since he did not notice her that much when they were younger, but now he sees that she is all grown up and sexy too.

Too bad she wants nothing to do with him, but fate has a weird way of screwing up people's plans.  Now everywhere he goes, he sees Lucy and although he's happy about that, Lucy is not and it seemed the more she tries to avoid him, the more they bump into each other.

When Lucy's nephew gets out of hand, Brogan finds himself stepping in to help Lucy out with the troubled teen.  Now Brogan has an excellent excuse to spend more time with Lucy and he thinks that he can change Lucy's mind about him.

Can Brogan and Lucy get a do-over?  Would we ever know who Lucy's nephew's father is?  Find out in the second installment of the Harmony Homecomings Series, Not so new in town.

I enjoyed Michele Summers first book in the series and I enjoyed this one too.  Lucy was in love with Brogan for years until he broke her heart in high school.  That was the last straw for Lucy, she was fed up to playing second fiddle to her stepsister all those years.  She even developed a nickname for herself from the townsfolk after she had her revenge on Julia.

To get away from the hurt and heartbreak that she experienced in Harmony, Lucy left to go to the big city but circumstances made her move right back in Harmony. On her first day back, before she even made it to Harmony her car breaks down and she had to be saved by none other than Brogan.  Oh, that just made her mad, especially when she had to accept help from him.

Since he is also a health nut he grabs her delicious bag of potato chips out of her hands the instant he saw it. The nerve of him, getting in between a woman and her snack-to-feel-better.  My snack-to-feel-better is chocolate, but everyone has different tastes.

Lucy tries to make the best out of a hard situation, but her sister is the same as always, her nephew is a brat and everyone in town is calling her by her well-earned nickname of Crazy Lucy.

Brogan is not so well received back in town, but he's making the best of things.  He opened a health food store in town which is not making enough sales.  No one in town would step foot into his store after what they thought he did and who in the South is going to eat healthy foods.

A good distraction from his failure with his store comes in the form of Lucy coming into town.  He also likes the challenge she gives him by not immediately swooning in his arms.  Typical men and their egos.

When he is able to get some headway with Lucy he either says or does something that makes her take two giant steps back away from him.  It was really fun to read about his frustration of not getting anywhere with Lucy.  He did get some points for helping with the kid everyone thinks is his, but not much else.

Even with all the fun I had reading the book I did not get the big picture.  Things were implied on how Lucy got the nickname "Crazy Lucy" but not concrete enough for me to understand.  Also, her relationship with Julia was not fully explained.  It was said that Julia was mean to Lucy, but I don't recall much evidence of this in the book.

There was many implied things that happened when they were kids and nothing to actually confirm how bad it was. I only got a feel of the book in the present, but the past that Michele tried to paint is a big, blurry, fuzzy picture.

I enjoyed this book immensely and I recommend this book for all to read.


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