DREAM LAKE by Lisa Kleypas

May 24, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was interesting.  One way of looking at it is that it piggy-back off the previous book in the series, which is Rainshadow Road.  Or that it ran parallel with the book, either way, it was okay but not great.

Alex Nolan had it rough as a kid.  His siblings have already left the house and it left only him to take the brunt of his parents anger at home.  Growing up in this environment has thought him not to rely on anyone, it also has him bitter and cynical.

Watching as his brothers made fools of themselves since they are insane enough to believe in love, Alex battles his own demons. His brothers actually think that taking a risk can find them happiness instead of pain.

Being an alcoholic, going through a divorce and battling depression, finding out that you can see a ghost does not help matters.  The kicker is, only Alex can see and talk to him and for some strange reason attached himself to Alex.

Now everywhere Alex goes, there is a ghost following him and the both of them do not like this arrangement.  Now the question is, is Alex really seeing a ghost?  Or has he finally lost his mind?

Zoe Hoffman is the sweetest, kindest woman you could ever meet and coupled with her bombshell looks people tend to overlook her personality.  Always being put in a category that is not comfortable to her, Zoe tends not to believe what most people tell her.

After being abandoned by almost everyone she loves, Zoe has abandonment issues and when she saw the broken look in Alex's eyes, she was hopeless against trying to help.  Her instincts tell her to run far away in the other direction but her heart bleeds for whatever plaques him.

Even Alex tells her to run away from him but having to work together on her grandmother's old house to make it livable again it's kind of hard to avoid each other.  They make it work somehow, but would it last?

The ghost has been attached to Nolan's Victorian House for many years and he was not able to see his own form or leave the house.  Now for some strange unknown reason the ghost finds himself now attached to Alex.

The only thing the ghost seem to remember is that he did somebody a wrong, someone who he held dearly and he thinks that he is attached to Alex to prevent him from doing the same mistake.  A hard thing to do seeing as how Alex is determined to be as unlovable as he can so everyone would leave him alone.

The ghost knows that if he has any way of moving on, to where ever spirits move on too, he has to help Alex get over his demons. He got it in his crazy head that Zoe is the cure to all Alex's problems and is determined to get them together. How does fixing Alex up with Zoe going to help matters?  You'll have to read to find out?

+Lisa Kleypas is one of my go-to authors.  I know any book I pick up of hers I'm going to enjoy.  This book (in my opinion) was not up to par with most of the books I've read from her, but it was still entertaining.

The book started off good.  Angry man meets awesome, sweet girl and they can't stop themselves from falling in love with each other.

Man wants to deny it, the woman does too until they can't deny it anymore.  Sounds predictable when I put it that way, but I still had fun reading the book because there was a ghost.  That's right a ghost, the book before this one was about magic, now's there's a ghost.

It was pretty obvious to me that the ghost was connected to Zoe in some way and it was no surprise to me when it was confirmed.

This book had conflict and drama, two things I love in a book but coming down to the end I started to get disappointed.  It was so easily resolved.  It was an I love you and I love you too.  Keep in mind that the ghost could not talk to any other ghost since he came back into existence.

I don't like the ending of the book, I know I can't give much away, but I want to warn you about the ending.

I much prefer Lisa Kleypas's historical romances.  I get captivated and it takes me hours to get back to the real world.  Even with my misgivings with the ending of this book, I can't wait to read the next installment! (Weird Right!)


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