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I read the last book in the series and that was just a taste to the awesomeness that is Sugar Jamison.  Being a plus size woman myself, her books call to me and how can I resist them.

Ellis Garrett is taking one big giant step that anyone can make.  She is dumping her asshole of a boyfriend, quitting her job (which is a very hard thing to do in today's economy) to open her own Plus-Size clothing store and started her own blog.

That's a lot to do in a few days, but that is what Ellis decided to do and that is what she did.  Opening Size Me Up was a dream of hers that she made a reality.  A place where big people, such as myself, can walk in and feel normal and not as a whale in a china shop.

Things were going slowly but surely, slower than she likes, but Ellis is determined to make her business a success. The joy on her customers face is payment enough, despite what her mother and stupid ex-boyfriend say.

When her sister's ex-boyfriend comes to town, looking as hot and sexy as she remembers.  Ellis can't stop thinking about him. As hot as he was, Ellis is determined to stay away from him since he broke her heart years ago without even knowing it.

Staying away from him should be easy, seeing as he does not remember who she is, but for some odd reason, he keeps pursuing her.

Micheal Edwards has had to have done something really stupid in his past for him to get a beautiful woman like Ellis to not want to be around him.  In fact, something must be wrong with his head for him to even not remember her, seeing as she has all those delicious curves.

Being a detective,  Mike has put in onto himself to get to the bottom of the Ellis mystery, seeing as how she refuses to tell him how they know each other.  Not above using seduction to have his way, because he really wants to get his hands on her delicious body.

But the more he uncovers about her, the more he wants to know until all he really needs is to have her permanently in his life.  But with Ellis resisting him and a polite robber on the loose, would Mike ever get the girl?  Find out in the first installment in The Perfect Fit Series, Dangerous Curves Ahead.

Sugar Jamison is a fun, loving and amazing writer that makes me crave her work more and more.  I read this series out of order, but the story was easy to follow, but I will recommend reading the books in the correct order.

Ellis is such a sweet woman. She makes plus size people feel good about themselves, which in turn makes her feel good about herself.  I wish it has a store like this where I live, wait, there is, my bad. She tries to make the negative in her life into a positive, but it does not seem to be totally working.

Her mother means well but is more focused on trying to save her "real" daughter to give Ellis the type of attention she needs. Her father loves her, but he is more the silent type and shows his love in the things he does.  Her sister is a b"t"h and needs to be slapped, HARD, to get over herself and stop hurting the people she loves.  It's a wonder how Ellis turned out the way she did.

Mick was not that much of an ass in the past, but kissing a girl and to not remember her.  That is a big fat NO.  It was good that he felt regret for what he did. He also encouraged Ellis to expand on her dream.  I really like Mike, he is definitely book boyfriend material, but my list is so long and I don't know if I want to take someone off the list for him.

It's something that needs some serious consideration.  I have nothing bad to say about this book, it was amazing, engaging and awesome. 


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