ONE WISH by Robyn Carr

March 16, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Okay this is my second book from Robyn Carr and I cannot deny it anymore, this author is not for me.  I liked both of her books, but with both of them I was interested then bored and then interested again.  This book was like a yo-yo for me. 

Grace Dillon moved to thunder Point to get away from the craziness of being a champion figure skater.  Grace loved skating for the pure joy of it and not the cut-throat competition and decided to quit the life at the peak of her career, much to the displeasure of her mother.

Now Grace owns her own flower shop, in a place where no one knows her past life and she likes it that way.  Not wanting others to judge her like they did in her competing days, Grace decided to tell no one about her past.

She finally has the chance of a normal life and does not want to give that up.  And one of her goals of being normal is having a hot romance and luckily, Troy Headly is there to help. 

High school teacher Troy Headly appoints himself Grace's fun coach. In a community that barely has any eligible singles, it does not mean that they cannot have fun together.  Seeing that the woman he thought was the love of his life married someone else and he was not broken up about it, Troy decided to try something new and he appointed Grace as his new project. 

When he suggests a little companionship with no strings attached, Grace is eager to take him up on his offer, after all it is her first romantic encounter ever,  and the two enjoy getting to know each other. 

But things get complicated when Grace's past catches up with her, and she knows that's not what Troy signed up for. Faced with losing her, Troy realizes Grace is more than just a friend with benefits. He's determined to help her fight for the life she always wished for but never believed she could have—and maybe they can find real love along the way

I like the two Robyn Carr's books I've read so far, but I don't feel excited when I read her books. When I read a book, I feel anticipation and excitement and fear. Basically, I feel whatever the characters are feeling in the book and I don't feel that with Robyn Carr's characters.

Her books are also to peaceful for me, even though their is conflict in the book, it's just seems small and easily resolved for some reason.  Something that puts a smile on my face is that someone always seem to end up pregnant in one of her books.  Have any of you guys notice that? It's weird but cute.

Besides my lukewarm view on Robyn Carr, she does give one insight about something specific.  The first book I read from her, Virgin River, showed the insight of a very small town and what to expect there and in this book was about figure skating.  I knew that it was brutal, I just did not know how much.

Fans of Robyn Carr would quite enjoy this book and please don't crucify me for not loving her books.  

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