February 19, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I was pulled in my the marvelous cover and was lulled into a false sense of security that this was going to be a great book.  Sadly, the only good thing about this book is the cover.

Julian Fortescue is being haunted by his past. He acts out by being rebellious of his duties as a Duke.  All that was about to change when he was unexpectedly saddled with his his three half sisters, while his mom went on yet another honeymoon with her new husband.

Having lost track of the current number that husband made, Julian can only watch on helplessly as his mother escaped into her couch.  Knowing that he must hire a governess, he picks one, but for entirely the wrong reasons.

Lady Jeanne de Falleron was the lucky lady to land the job. She knew that taking care of the girls was not the only job her employer had in mind. Unfortunately for him, she has a job to do that does not include taking care of his sisters, or becoming his mistress.

In order to complete her mission, Lady Jeanne has taken an alias as Jane Grey to track down the man responsible for her family's death.  She believed that someone in Julian's family was responsible and she is determined to find out.  She made a promise on the unfaithful day, when her family was beheaded, that she would kill the man accountable with her own hands.

Passion explodes between the two immediately and as Julian pursues his mysterious governess he feels things that he thought he was incapable of or have a right too.  Lady Jane on the other hand finds information so shocking that has her in a turmoil.  Is the man she's falling in love with, the very one she has sworn to kill?  Find out in fourth installment of The Wild Quartet Series.

My thoughts on this book are not good.  Not good at all.  I don't know French, or French history so I was confused almost all the time by terms and sayings in this book. I read this book a while ago and I still can't make sense of the ending.  

The first thing that irked me in this book was that the sister's just felt as an excuse to bring Lady Jane into the house in the plot.  The sisters were there, but they don't really have much essence in the story. It just felt as if the girls were , but not important and then they would suddenly be thrust into the story at certain parts.  It made me remember that they were even part of the story.

If have a part in the book that said that when Lady Jeanne and her family were fleeing, she was given papers to make it look as if she was the nanny/governess, which saved her from execution.  Finding out the reason for that threw me for a loop, because, honestly, I did not see it coming. I had to have prior knowledge of history to understand.

The thing that got to me the most was the way in which she revealed who she really was.  I was like seriously!  That's how you're going to revealed yourself.  That just pissed me off and I had to take off my Kindle app and stew in my disbelief.

This book could have been so good, but it just felt flat and confusing to me. It seemed that the author changed her mind a lot and threw random stuff into the book, for no good reason.  I love the cover though, I can look at the cover all day and put it up on my wall, but the book did not live up to the beauty that is the cover.

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