January 06, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

One mad night was one fun book.  The characters were fun and lovable and I wished for of these type of books from Ms London.

Chelsea has worked and worked and worked her butt off for the company she works for, only to be kept down.  But not anymore, the Telsa account, which is the biggest account to manage in the business, is finally within her grasp, as well as a promotion, but hotshot Ian Rafferty gets in her way.

Not wanting the smoking hot new guy to come and take what is rightfully her's, Chelsea works even harder to come up with a campaign to blow Ian's out of the water.

She had her idea down, all she had to do was rest up at home for the presentation tomorrow.  Things were going as planned when a blizzard has Chelsea stranded at the office with none other than her rival.

Ian Rafferty was paid big bucks in order to leave his old company.  Excited and motivated, Ian knows that landing the Telsa account would make people know that he is serious and not just another pretty face.

The only person standing in his way, is the overbearing but smoking hot, Chelsea who does not seem to be taken in by his charm.  All that is about to change when they are snowed in together at the office.

Now that they only have each other for company, they find out things about each other that has the heat they suppressed for too long, explode.  Would the passion they uncovered for each other be enough to get over their differences?  Or would it further complicate things between the two?  

Find out in the thrilling tale of One Mad Night!

+Julia London thank you for this fun and amazing tale.  This book got me mad, all I wanted to do was give the partners in that company a good speech off and make them feel horrible about how they treat their workers.

Chelsea was a b***h in the beginning.  I did not like how she treated Ian.  It was not his fault the board members paid him so much money to join their team, and he only got those other accounts because his ideas were good.  For those of you who were wondering, the company is an advertising company.

Ian was nice to Chelsea but she judged a book by it's cover and look what happen! Nothing bad, it's just that they could have gotten naked together so much sooner.

Usually, when multiple events happen in a short period of time, the story feels short and rushed, not this book.  I think it's a novella, I'm now being introduced to this type of novel, and I like the placement of the events and the wording.

It's not everyday that you get to know and fall in love with characters in such a short story.  Lover of romance and conflict would enjoy this very much.  I have no complains about this book, I can't even complain about it being to short.  I got everything that I was suppose to get in a romance novel and then some. 

Look out for the release of this book, well today!  So go and grab a copy or click away to your favorite e-reader.