January 11, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was a little disturbing and awkward.  The main character felt like a loose cannon and I stopped feeling sorry for her, really fast.  Here's why.

Nya Lowe has a terrible record of dating the worst guys that are out there.  Having enough of always attracting all the wrong men, Nya vowed to stop dating for a year to get out of her rut.

A few months into her vow, and a situation (which was pretty funny, if you ask me) lead Nya into the arms of a smoking hot fireman, kissing him for all that it's worth.

Tyler did not plan on having a beautiful woman practically fall into his lap and kiss the breathe out of him, but he can't complain.

Finding out the reason for the impulsive kiss gave him the opening he needed to further know the lady. 

All Tyler wants to do is get know Nya but all Nya does is push him away.  Would Tyler be able to get around Nya's walls? or would Nya stay true and stick to her vow?  

+Kayla Perrin wrote one of the most dis-likable main characters I have ever read about.  Nya was so annoying!  At first I felt sorry for her but that soon changed as I got further into the book.  She made no sense most of the time and was very unfair.

What she did at the ending should have been a huge red flag and Tyler should have just walked away.  I'm not saying that she does not deserve happiness, I'm just saying that she needed to go away and work on herself before she  gets into any type of relationship.

She has amazing friends, but takes them for granted.  If your friends are as good as you say they are, will they laugh at your dreams?  NO, but somehow that does not get across on Nya's mind. I really disliked her, I still do.

Tyler is such an amazing guy.   His ex-fiance was stupid to let him go, and Nya was stupid to treat him the way she did.  Tyler should have just turned gay or turn his affections elsewhere.  I'm sorry to say this, but I am not happy that he ended up with Nya.

The writing was not bad, and it probably does not bode well that I laughed at the first love scene and skipped the rest.  This book was a little confusing and was not well received by me.