THE WITNESS by Nora Roberts

November 27, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Well this book was new.  Usually I dislike know-it-all people but I made an exception for Abigail Lowery who had to bury Elizabeth Fitch in order to survive.

Elizabeth Fitch has seen something that no sixteen year old should ever see. She saw two people gunned down right in front of her eyes.  To make matters worse, it is Russian mafia related and if she was caught, she knows that she'll be dead too.  All this started with the act of a rebellion of a sixteen year old girl.

Twelve years later, a woman who goes by the name of Abigail Lowery is living on the outskirts of a small town in the Ozarks.  She is an oddity to the residents of Bickford and to make matters worse, she has a huge dog, and a wide range of firearms.

Keeping to yourself is not the way to go in a small town and Abigail unintentionally caught the eye of the local police chief Brooks Gleason.  Just wanting to be left alone, Abigail unwittingly pulled Brooks closer to her and to her horror, she starts to welcome it.

Brooks Gleason has it bad.  There is something about Abigail that makes him want to dig deeper to see wants behind that calm facade.  Unfortunately his curiosity got him in a situation that is way out of anyone's comfort zone and would have them running in the other direction.  Not Brook though, Abigail's sad demeanor and her need of protection (even though she would not admit it) has Brooks wanting more than ever to stay by her side.

Would Russian mafia Abigail is hiding from find her?  Would they destroy what little happiness she finally has in her life?  Or would Abigail run again to protect the ones she loves?  Find out in the exciting tale of THE WITNESS!

(SQUEALS)  You may or may not know it by now but Nora Roberts is my FAV author.  She is the one author (Now one of many authors) that I can just pick up a book from without reading the description and KNOW that I would love it.

How many of you can say that about an author.  She sucks you in and leaves you hungering for more and more.  This story was different but in a good way.  The suspense was killing me and even though the book did not end the way I thought it would, I was still left smiling at the end.

Abigail was so brave.  She finally stood up to her dictator of a mother and even though the outcome was messed up, she still had the courage to do the right thing instead of running back to her mother.  I should more call her an incubator because that was all she was. No mother treats their child that way.

The chemistry between Abigail and Brooks was a new one to me since Abigail can be a little off-putting.  Her huge dog does not help matters much, but soon Abigail and her big arse dog was eating out of the palm of his hand.  Brooks was just to sweet and I want a Brooks of my own.

Throughout the book I kept waiting for the ball to drop, to see if they find her, or if there was a shoot out and if anyone was killed.   There was various parts of the book that had me at the edge of my seat thinking that "This is how they are going to find her" and I deflate when it was not but when the time came I was speechless.  

This book is fun, amazing and just plain awesome.  You would not be disappointed like I was at the end.  She resolved some issues too peacefully to my liking but it still had the desired effect.