October 26, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book title is such a mouthful to say, but oh what fun it is as well.  I was intrigued just by the title of the story and the story itself had me hooked.

Imagine living the first 30 years of your life thinking that your father is dead only to have him show up and put your mother in the most awkward of places.

It seems that is what happens to Jackson Quincy Graham Channing, Vice President of a prestigious banking facility in New York, and his father.  His mother thought that it was not fit to tell him about his father but she also failed to inform his father that he also has a son, dun, dun ,dun.

Feeling betrayed and highly upset, Jackson did something that he has never done in his entire life, made a rash decision and decided to accompany his father to his home in London to meet the rest of the family.

Learning that one day he would inherit both a title and a grand estate, it seems his life is getting better and better, but Jackson does not feel that way.  He finds out that his father who he thought was dead is alive, his mother who he could have always trusted is a thief of truths and that the woman who he thought he loved, he doesn't not love her in that way at all.  Has his whole life been a lie? In trying to find the answers it did not help that he was constantly distracted by a red haired beauty named Lady Theodosia Winslow.

Lady Theodosia Winslow has problems of her own.  Due to foolish mistakes made by her father, when he died Theodosia and her mother were to find out that they are completely without funds and a mountain of debt.  The ton can, barely, forgive many things but being broke is not one of them.

For years Theodosia has taken it upon herself to save her mother and herself from social ruin by pretending to organize and host parties just fun. If word ever gets out that they are actually working for a living, they would be shunned from everyone in the ton. 

It has taken years but Theodosia was finally able to pay off all of her father's debts; now she is thinking of actually doing this for a living and not be dependent on a man to provide for her.  All was going well and good until she got engaged!

How did this happen you may ask?  I will tell you that it has to do with a meddling mother and Jackson walking into her life.  I know what you are thinking, but I think you guessed wrong (giggles). Want to know what happens to a determined independent woman and a traditional man, find out in the Millworth manor fourth series "The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding".

Victoria Alexander has written a lovely book about independence and finding oneself.  The characters were engaging and eventful and fun to read about. 

My problems with this book is that there was a lot ranting.  They would just go on and on about something and I found myself skipping it and after realizing what I did I went back and forced myself to read it and found out that I did not really miss anything.

Another thing that got on my nerve is that the two brothers were thought to be dead to their families. It was boring and unoriginal and over used.  

The highlight of this book was Theodoisa, she is determined to make it on her own.  Then she went and ruined it by being stupid.  She seemed to miss the point that being independent does not mean doing everything by yourself, you need to learn when it was to ask for help and if it was not for her best friend, Theodosia would have had to do something she really did not want to do.

When everything was good and sought out she still disappointed me in the end. I understand where she comes from but come on, seriously.  It was so good to see her grovelling much information.  You would just have to wait and see until the book comes on on Tuesday 28th October, 2014.