HEAT by Jamie K. Schmidt

August 11, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

When your fiance is a drug addict and starts beating on you what do you do?  You stay and take the beating of course, since you're a doctor and believes that you can fix him.  

When he forces drugs down your throat, do you knock him out and report his ass to the police, nooo.  You wait until he passes out, grab what you can and go into hiding.

This seems to be the case for E.R (No not the tv show) Dr. Mallory Bryant. After hiding for two months and her finance completely depleted, Mallory has no other choice than to seek help from the black sheep of the family, her older sister Colleen. 

Colleen owns a "special" business called Couture which has a sweet side and a wicked side.  Wanting to protect her little sister, Colleen enlisted the help of one of her employees to look after her.

Max, liking the benefits of the job, excepts it and that is how to story of Max and Mallory began.  Because of the wicked side of Couture, Colleen has heavy security on her business and this makes Mallory feel safe and secure.  It also has it's drawbacks since she no longer feels safe to leave the walls of safety of Couture by herself.

Can Max eliminate her fears and make her stronger?  Or would the pain and fear cripple Mallory forever?  

Jamie Schmidt tried to write a steamy romance that was just warm.  The sex was okay, but Max is a Dom.  Dom's don't just like to watch, they like to take part and discipline their subs. Seriously, what kind of Dom does not take part in his own handy work?

I felt sorry for Mallory in the beginning and then I just could not stand her later down to the end. Her "Oh woe is me" act got really old, really fast and when she finally got over it, it was anti-climatic.  Their was a lot of dialogue that just seem to go on and on and on and not a lot of body.

I liked the book, but it could have been written better.  Read the book and give me your opinion.