THE LION'S LADY by Julie Garwood

April 03, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

All right guys, The Lion's Lady is my next stop on my Julie Garwood book marathon and I have to say, I loved it.  The trails and errors, and there were many of them just came together and made a perfect book with a not so perfect ending.  Let me explain.

Two mothers, both grew up at different sides of the road and were thought to hate each other; have bonded over their past pain and made a pact to look after each other's child if something was to ever happen to them.

Unfortunately, something happened to one of them and the other was true to their promise and took on the task of raising her child, but when she arrived home, everyone was excited to see her again, but not so much for the unexpected little bundle she arrived with.

Years later, after the child has grown, she was sent back to her own people to complete what her mother has started, even though it pains them all to send her away.

Christina Bennet has taken London by storm and has quickly gained the nickname "Princess Christina".  Everyone was captivated by her beauty and her charm not knowing the agony and purpose that she was experiencing inside.

Christina only had one goal and that was to finish what her mother had started and return home to her people, but someone else have other plans for Christina and they do not include her going back to her people.

The Marques of Lyonwood, (everybody calls him Lyon) has had his heart broken once before by two people that he held dear to his heart.  Now this deceit has left him disillusioned about people, especially women.  When he first saw "Princess Christina" he convinced himself that she just like every other woman and wrote her off, but he just could not stop staring at her.

Her mysterious past intrigues him enough to ask her questions, but when she answers his questions without actually giving a direct answer, his curiosity becomes so great that he contacts his friends to find out information about her.

Christina is enraptured by the man they call the "lion", and tries to avoid him at all cost, knowing her past would make him despise her and the mission she has to do would put everyone she is in direct contact with in danger, just like with her mother.

Would Lyon find out what Christina is hiding in her past?  Would Christina finish what she has to accomplish and return home?  Or would all their well made plans crumple and new plans made?

I know the answer but you have to read the book and see for yourself, you especially would want to know what happened to the old bat, not what I had in mind, she got off way to easy.

Thank you Julie Garwood for combining two completely different cultures and joining them together to create a wonderful and excstory and I would like to ask, when are we going to read about Christina's brother romance story?