March 08, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

First off I have to say that this cover was not done good at all, OMG, this is such a poor Photoshop work and it irritates me so bad, I want to jump on my computer and redo it or sweep under the rug and forget that it ever existed. I only bought this book because of it's author.

Caroline Richmond after being away from her father for over fourteen years is finally able to go back home, but she has second thoughts about going backing, thinking that it is hard for her to back to a father who she thought had abandoned her all those years ago.

On her arrival to England, she saved a man from robbers by shooting them and that is where she met Jered Marcus Benton, the Duke of Bradford.  The only man that can make her forget herself and make her not feel in control; and with someone out to get her due to revenge, he is the only man she can thrust. 

Jered Marcus Benton, after a scaring experience in his life, vow never to get smitten with another woman ever again, but that vow was broken when a little lady from the colonies threatened to shoot his prize horse.

Jered was fascinated by the little chit that dared stand up to him and lets just say that he moved heaven and hell in order to have her as his own.  With the dangerous situation that involved both of them, can Jered keep Caroline safe without losing himself in the process, not on his life.

I am sorry to say that even though I enjoyed the book, it was missing something.  The danger that Caroline was in was ridiculous and the outcome of it all was anti-climatic.  I kept waiting for the bending of wills and the both of them falling in love, it just was not up to my standard for Julie Garwood and I know she writes great stuff.

I will not let this book discourage me from buying anymore of Julie Garwood book, because even though something was missing at various parts of the book, the book still interested me that I had to finish it.  All the loose ends was solved in the end, even though it was done poorly and left me wanting, this book was satisfactory.