THE GARRISON by K.Sean Harris

August 12, 2013 Swan Creates 0 Comments

The first book on my Caribbean week is The Garrison.  The writing style was very good and I found out that I had to read the dialect out loud for me to understand what the characters were saying.  Apparently I have to hear the words out loud to properly understand what Bambino and his gang was saying.

The story follows a brief time in Rosewater Meadows was controlled by a gang which was run by Birdman with our main character, Bambino, as his right hand man.   Bambino, at eighteen, is the youngest person in the gang but also the coldest hearted.  He cares for nothing but making paper and killing when it suits him.

A series of events that occurred to various people remarkable connect to Bambino who at the end died by the gangster code. “Yuh live by de gun, yuh die by de gun.”

I did not like how the book ends.  Nobody got a happy ending, nobody; except maybe the rival gang who took over Rosewater Meadows where the only ones who got a happy ending. I guess that this book just teaches you that when you get involved in gangster stupidness, there are no happy endings.